Priority Goal List for 2020

1. Continue to actively pursue the development of a Rt. 36 access road into the Business park.

2. Continue working with Miners Medical Center on the development of office space in the Professional Building.

3. Update our website at least annually.

4. Continue to advocate for new business development in our Business Park.

5. Actively pursue property availability for additional development.

6. Continue to cooperate with NCCDC and other industrial development groups in the county.

7. When needed, develop additional parking spaces at the Professional Building.

8. Continue to update the HAIDA Files.

9. Remain active in our support of all of the businesses in the Business Park.

10. Recruit new Board Members.

Priority Goal List - 2019 Status Report

1. Continue to work with Miners Medical Center to facilitate their office expansion project. (It appears that Miners is still interested, but we do not have a commitment as of yet.)

2. Support the new business(es) which plan to open in our Business Park in 2019. (Both the SVDP Food Pantry and the Dollar General Store are running successfully.)

3. Update our social media presence on an annual basis. (Our website is updated each year following the general meeting and is kept up to date at other times as necessary.)

4. Oversee the development of the ‘in park’ road project. (Completed – ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Nov. 21, 2019 with many political and governmental dignitaries present.)

5. Continue to advocate for a Rt. 36 access road into the Business Park.(This remains an ongoing goal.)

6. Investigate property availability for purchase for additional development. (Ongoing – several properties are being discussed at this time if and when they become available.)

7. Support additional business development in the Business Park. (We now have Suite B occupied by Quaker Sales and they may be contemplating a permanent office site there.)

8. Continue cooperation with NCCDC and other community development entities.  (ongoing)

9. If needed, develop additional parking spaces at the Professional Building. (Will occur as needed.)

10. Continue to organize and purge HAIDA files as needed. (Primarily up to date at this time.)